We are the prototype and website conductor that you will be using to asses your attendance and time consumed in learning. If you're an Architecture student, your assessment is under Ar. Jumar Balicao, and if you're a Computer Engineering student, your assessment is under Engr. Victor Sherwin Galamgam. The purpose of this project is to develop an automated attendance system that can effectively monitor and manage student attendance, reduce the time taken for manual attendance taking by instructors, analyze student attendance details as per requirements, and generate automated summaries and remarks for student participation.


Specific Objectives

To reduce the time that is consumed when taking attendance manually, especially for instructors.

To monitor the punctuality and absenteeism of the students

To automate summary and remarks for the participation of student.

To analyze student’s attendance details as per the requirement.

To create a suitable/ friendly device for professors in collecting attendance of the students.

User Manual


Tap or place your card above of the scanner.


Wait until the scanner make a beep sound.


Proceed when the LCD showed a message that your attendance were already scanned.

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